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SolumusGas as a direct importer offers at the wholesale price liquid gas propane butane applied as fuel to drive of the vehicles' combustion engines, complying with the criteria PN-EN 589 norms, propan and butan. We created procedures and system that ensures the high quality of gas and flawless delivery for our customers.

We sell gas :

- with paid excise duty and the fuelled fee
- exempt from the excise duty
- in the process of suspended excise duty 
Our offer is addressed both to cutomers taking gas from terminals with their own transport and we also provide for the possibility to deliver purchased goods (supplying) to the customer. Collection is possible in cooperation with the SolumusGas service terminals that are located in Małaszewice, Sosnowiec, Braniewo and Bydgoszcz.


- Siedlisko 8, 14-500 Braniewo
- Olsztyńska 5, 14-500 Braniewo


- Portowa 8, 85-757 Bydgoszcz


- 21-512 Zalesie


- Kolonia Wągródka, 41-217 Sosnowiec 
The qualified and experienced staff members guarantee reliability and the right cooperation with contractors.
Solumus Gas is part of the SOLUMUS group. We operate on the Polish and European fuel market. We provide advanced solutions in the area of gas distribution and gas heating.


SOLUMUS GAS sp. z o.o.
Ul.Zdrojowa 40
02-927 Warszawa/Polska
NIP 754 307 33 72
REGON 161535897
KRS 0000465964