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SolumusGas is a high end distributor in gas industry. Our gas is used in technology, production and for heating as well. The range of our service goes from whole sale, to small business and personal homes. For this purpose we are equip with various sizes of tanks, cistern deliveries and approach each client individually in order to meet their goal.
Thinking about your own gas installation or changing the gas supplier ?
Years of experience with hands on practise gives you the confidence that Solumus Gas is your preffered choice. We have done 100x of installations, helped solve some challenging problems for companies, that used different providers and made the switch to Solumus Gas a pleasant experience for them. Here are few of our well known customers :
Join thousands of households that use the gas in their houses or business.
Solumus Gas is part of the SOLUMUS group. We operate on the Polish and European fuel market. We provide advanced solutions in the area of gas distribution and gas heating.


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